More than one-third of mesothelioma patients are veterans of the United States military. They are widely considered the group most affected by this disease — because they were so often exposed to asbestos during their service time.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a financial lifeline for these people — and their families. Filing a VA mesothelioma claim is not always a simple process. It’s often full of stress and frustration for veterans and their loved ones.

That’s why retired LCDR and VA claims agent Carl Jewett is such a valuable resource for veterans with mesothelioma — and why he’s featured in the latest Mesothelioma Guide podcast.

The episode above is a fantastic resource for veterans with mesothelioma. In the podcast, Carl details the VA claims process for people affected by this cancer.

He explains the qualifications needed to receive each type of VA mesothelioma compensation. Carl then describes each step of filing a VA claim, which helps veterans with mesothelioma receive their much-needed monthly compensation to help them and their family.

“I find a lot of people who come to me after they file their claim,” Carl says in the podcast, “and they’ve either been denied or the VA keeps asking them for additional information, and they don’t know what to provide.”

So how can veterans make the process easier for themselves? The answer is utilizing Carl’s expertise. One example: Many of the application forms include multiple pages of instructions. Rather than burdening veterans with these trivialities, Carl provides the necessary paperwork and walks veterans through what they need.

In essence, he is the instruction manual.

“You take one look at these instructions, and you get overwhelmed,” Carl says. “I try to minimize that by giving them only what they need, walking them through exactly what they’re going to need to fill out and what they’re not going to need to fill out. I help them write this letter, making it a lot easier for them to explain to the VA how they were exposed.

“I also make sure they get all the supporting documentation, which means a copy of their discharge paperwork, a copy of their marriage license, and all their pertinent medical records.”


Get to Know Retired LCDR Carl Jewett

Carl served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years, with lieutenant commander his highest rank. He is now a VA-accredited claims agent, which means he dedicates his professional life to helping veterans with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

Carl’s primary goal is to help veterans receive the compensation for which they qualify. Without an experienced claims agent, many veterans hit challenges. They face unfortunate obstacles and government-caused red tape while trying to receive the financial help they so desperately need.

Carl makes those roadblocks obsolete.

Filing a claim on your own means “you’re really kind of taking a shot in the dark,” he says. “What I try to do is make it as easy as possible on them. So I give them the minimal amount of work to do, the minimal amount of forms to fill out, and try to make their lives as easy as possible.”

Carl earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland in 1997, which was 12 years after he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was trained in nuclear power operations before serving in the Reactor Controls Division on three nuclear fast-attack submarines.

In 2008, Carl retired from the military and focused his experience toward helping veterans affected by asbestos exposure. Since then, Carl has helped more than 1,200 veterans with mesothelioma file VA claims.

“I can not express more gratitude (for) Carl,” wrote Flo Bischoff in a testimonial on Google. “He was the first contact we made after my husband was first diagnosed with mesothelioma and he was so very helpful: from (finding) a doctor, who called us on the spot, to helping my husband fill out all the paperwork necessary for VA benefits. … It was a trying and difficult time and Carl’s reassuring way brought comfort in the process. When my husband passed away, he stepped up and made sure I was able to follow through with finishing the process with VA.”

If you’re a veteran with mesothelioma, you can get financial help from the U.S. government. Your cancer was likely caused by asbestos exposure that occurred during your time in the service. Therefore, the government has a process to help you and your family pay for treatment, lost wages and more.

Email Carl at if you wish to learn more. He will support you step by step through the VA claims process, handle most of the paperwork and overall make your life a lot easier. If you’d like to speak with Carl immediately, he is available by phone at 844-VET-MESO (844-838-6376).

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