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Average total recovery of at least $1 million

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More than $30 billion available in trust funds

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No stress or out-of-pocket costs for you and your family

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Examples of Mesothelioma Recoveries

Our team has helped many victims like yourself connect with top mesothelioma lawyers. We’ve played a role in helping people receive recoveries of:

$6.75 million

for a pipefitter from Louisiana


$4.7 million

for a bricklayer from Michigan and Illinois


$3.95 million

for a construction worker from Massachusetts


Jodi Page

20 years and counting

"I have never regretted hiring those lawyers and having them look into my background. ... The government and companies knew the dangers to asbestos exposure and many chose to use the product anyway. You do deserve some compensation for being exposed to asbestos and going through the pain associated with it. You should do research on what lawyer to hire and to be not afraid to speak with several lawyers to ensure the best fit for you.

The idea of filing a lawsuit can make you uneasy, but there’s nothing to feel bad about.

We’re victims of a crime."

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