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Benefits of a Mesothelioma Lawyer:

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    Get Maximum Compensation

    Billions are available for patients, the right lawyer maximizes your chances of getting the financial security you deserve.

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    Stress-free for Patients

    Experienced mesothelioma lawyers handle all the steps of the legal process so you never have to sit in a courtroom.

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    Faster Claims Process

    A lawyer who understands the legal process as it specifically relates to asbestos exposure claims are able to move the process along faster.

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Survivors Speak Out on Legal Support

Jodi Page


"I have never regretted hiring those lawyers and having them look into my background. It was a relief to know of the possibility of exposure and share that with my family. No amount of money will ever make up for the suffering we and our family will go through. The government and companies knew the dangers to asbestos exposure and many chose to use the product anyway. You do deserve some compensation for being exposed to asbestos and going through the pain associated with it. You should do research on what lawyer to hire and to be not afraid to speak with several lawyers to ensure the best fit for you.

The idea of filing a lawsuit can make you uneasy, but there’s nothing to feel bad about.

We’re victims of a crime."


  • Thoracotomy
  • Extrapleural Pneumonectomy
  • Radiation
Stage 2 Epithelioid Pleural Mesothelioma
19 months
Average Prognosis
17+ years
Survival Length