Senior content writer and editor
Devin Golden is the senior content writer and editor for Mesothelioma Guide. He writes blogs, edits informational pages, and forms connections with doctors, researchers and victims of mesothelioma.

More About Devin Golden

Devin Golden

Devin is an award-winning writer with more than a decade of experience. As the senior content writer and editor for Mesothelioma Guide, he produces content about mesothelioma treatment news, asbestos legal claims and more topics.

Devin’s primary objectives are to:

Devin joined the Mesothelioma Guide team to reach current mesothelioma patients and help them find life-saving treatment. He speaks regularly with doctors, researchers and survivors to help form a bridge between current patients and high-quality medical care.

Prior to joining the Mesothelioma Guide team, Devin worked at various newspapers and news publications throughout the southeast as a reporter and editor. His work covered government, public safety, breaking news, education, sports and community activities.