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Carl Jewett Patient Advocate

LCDR Carl Jewett

Carl Jewett is a retired Navy LCDR (O-4) and a VA-accredited claims agent. He also serves as the Patient Services Director at Mesothelioma Guide. LCDR Jewett specializes in helping veterans with mesothelioma file for VA benefits. He has been dedicated to assisting mesothelioma patients for over 14 years.

Commander Jewett can help you file for:

  • VA disability compensation
    (over $3,621 per month)
  • VA pension
  • Survivor benefits for spouses and children
  • Aid and attendance or housebound benefits

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What kind of questions can I ask Carl?

VA Disability Icon

VA Disability and Pension

How do I file a claim with the VA?

Am I eligible for VA disability benefits?

How do I begin receiving my pension?

va healthcare icon

VA Health Care enrollment

Do I qualify for VA health care?

Does the VA have specialists?

How can I afford the best treatments?

survivor pension icon

Support for Family Members

Can family members get assistance?

Am I eligible for survivor pension?

What is DIC and do I qualify for it?

additional assistance icon

Additional Assistance

What kind of assistance can I get?

Can I receive aid and attendance?

Am I considered housebound?

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