An Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals affirmed an $8 million mesothelioma verdict involving secondary asbestos exposure and wrongful death.

According to Yahoo, the trial ended in May 2019 with a verdict favoring the victim, who died in 2016 at age 38 due to mesothelioma. The compensatory damages were awarded to the victim’s estate.

The victim, the stepson of an oil field worker, was exposed to asbestos through his stepfather’s clothes. He was exposed as a child to raw, loose asbestos or asbestos from drilling rig products. His exposure involves three companies: Union Carbide (manufacturer); Montello Inc. (distributor); and National Oilwell Varco (manufacturer).

The Pontotoc County jury ruled the defendants were “negligent and liable for failing to warn workers of the dangers of the products,” according to the Yahoo report.

The defendants appealed the ruling — attempting to shift blame to other companies — but the result was the same as the initial trial two years ago. The appellate court ruled the defendants “failed to properly respond to pretrial discovery from the plaintiff to identify any unnamed third parties that might have liability,” the Yahoo report reads.


Attempts to Shift Blame for Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma compensation claims often follow this process if they go to trial. The defendants attempt to shed the responsibility of the victim’s exposure, passing blame to other companies.

However, all companies involved in the manufacturing and sale of asbestos deserve attention for the rise of mesothelioma. The ones that knew asbestos was dangerous and continued on with a “business as normal” approach deserve legal scrutiny.


Secondary Exposure Impact on Young Adults

This case is noteworthy due to the aspect of secondary asbestos exposure. Many children, spouses and siblings were exposed to asbestos at home — this is called “take home” asbestos exposure. In this case, the victim was exposed at a young age and developed mesothelioma around three decades later.

Asbestos was a fixture of American industrialism for decades — up until the 1980s, which is around when the victim was exposed.

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