Mount Sinai is an internationally acclaimed center for research, patient care, and treatment for patients diagnosed with pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma.

Benefits of Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Health System is the integration of several hospital campuses around the New York metropolitan area and includes over 7,000 primary and specialty care physicians. With their wide range of knowledge and experience, Mount Sinai is also home to two of the leading surgeons and oncology experts who specialize in treating both pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma.

Why Choose Mount Sinai?

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    Multidiciplinary Program

    Patients at Mount Sinai have access to surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, and radiologists. Each member of the team has a deep well of practical knowledge and experience treating different forms of the disease. Treatment plans are individualized for each patient.

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    Leaders in Research

    Mount Sinai is home to many of the top doctors in their respective fields of thoracic surgery and oncology. This includes Dr. Raja Flores who is considered to be one of the top surgeons in the field and has performed extensive research on the pleurectomy/decortication (P/D) procedure.

  • Compassionate Care

    Empathetic Doctors

    One of the determining factors when looking at the overall quality of treatment is the care that specialists have for their patients. Mount Sinai’s goal is to treat the patient, not the disease. Improving a patient’s quality of life is at the forefront of mesothelioma treatment plans.

Get Connected to Mount Sinai's Mesothelioma Treatment Center

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The Mount Sinai Health System is world renowned and internationally recognized. Their dedication to patient care and research through independent studies have also expanded the scope of medical knowledge considerably. Home to many of the top mesothelioma specialists, Mount Sinai is often one of the first choices for patients.

What Mount Sinai has to offer:
  • Pleural and Peritoneal treatment options
  • High volume facility
  • State of the art radiation oncology department

Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program

The Mount Sinai Cancer Center has found that the best outcomes are often achieved when a multimodal approach is used to treat patients. Mount Sinai is also one of the few centers that employ both pleural and peritoneal specialists working together to develop better techniques for treating both of the most common forms of mesothelioma.

Treatment is tailored specifically to the patient’s diagnosis, resulting in a more personalized regimen that can lead to better a prognosis. Instead of relying on a standardized approach, which might not be suitable for every patient given their unique circumstances, Mount Sinai’s mesothelioma program favors using a variety of different treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery together to achieve more optimistic results.

With a faculty of top doctors in fields like thoracic surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pulmonology, radiology, and pathology Mount Sinai Cancer Center gives patients access to a wide range of experts to review their medical data. This allows for more accurate diagnostics and second opinions which are essential for treating mesothelioma effectively.

Two Top Mesothelioma Specialists

Dr. Raja Flores

  • Dr Flores
    Dr. Flores serves as the director of thoracic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center and is one of the leading surgeons who perform both the extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) and the pleurectomy with decortication (P/D). With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Flores also has a hand in helping to further the research on the P/D procedure. His multiple studies have resulted in a clearer understanding of the benefits of using a P/D procedure vs the EPP. Mainly the fact that sparing most of the lung can often drastically improve life expectancy after surgery. While Dr. Flores favors a minimally invasive approach to surgery,

    “If I can get out all the tumor that I can see with a P/D, then that’s what I do. If I think that I need to do an EPP in that setting to get all the tumor, then that’s what I do.”

    On top of being a leader in the field, Dr. Flores is also a principal investigator for the Libby Epidemiology Research Program (LERP). This program was started in response to the rampant cases of mesothelioma in the town of Libby, Montana. The town was built around a vermiculite mine and due to asbestos contamination, Libby now has more mesothelioma cases per capita than any other place in the United States.

Dr. Daniel Labow

  • Dr Daniel Labow
    Dr. Labow is the Chief of Surgical Oncology at Mount Sinai and is one of the leading peritoneal mesothelioma specialists in the country. In 2007, his work included establishing one of the highest volume hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) programs available. His focus on developing education at the Mount Sinai has led to great success in diagnosing and treating peritoneal mesothelioma.

    “It’s quite unique in combating cancer and getting improved outcomes for patients who often only had months to live. We are getting patients that usually survive only months and are now living multiple years. That is a small step, and certainly, there is more room to grow. But it’s taking patients that didn’t have options and giving them more.”

    He has performed over 220 HIPEC procedures and continues to educate other specialists on the process allowing more patients access to this form of treatment. Dr. Labow strongly advocates the HIPEC procedure for patients suffering from late-stage mesothelioma as it can be more effective in treating advanced abdominal cancer.

Is Mount Sinai Right for You?

It is clear that Mount Sinai offers world-class care and the doctors there have a long history of treating different forms of mesothelioma. Many people have had incredible success and even remission of their disease with the help of Mount Sinai’s specialists.

The benefits of choosing this cancer center are numerous but include:

  • Decades of research experience with treating mesothelioma.
  • Minimally invasive treatment options.
  • Highly personalized care.

If this cancer center sounds like the right fit for your treatment needs, we can help get you connected. Contact one of our patient advocates at 1-888-385-2024 to get in touch with Mount Sinai or get answers to your questions through our Doctor Match Program.