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At Mesothelioma Guide we believe knowledge is the most important tool patients and their families can use in their battles against mesothelioma. Similarly, education is one of the most important tools a person can use to be successful in life. Through this scholarship, we hope to help provide students affected by mesothelioma with funds to put toward their education.

Spring Entry Deadline: December 1st, 2017

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2nd Place

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This scholarship is intended to assist students affected by mesothelioma. Applicants might have seen a loved one fight mesothelioma, lost a loved one to mesothelioma, battled mesothelioma themselves, or otherwise been affected by mesothelioma.


A mesothelioma patient or survivor


A family member or close acquaintance of someone who had/has mesothelioma


A full time undergraduate student at a 2-4 year college or university


In high school who will be a full time student in an accredited college or university in the spring 2017 semester

Essay Requirements

You must write an essay in order to be considered for this scholarship. We want to hear about your personal experiences with mesothelioma. Your essay should tell your story but also include facts about the disease. Show that you have an understanding of what mesothelioma is.

  • Explain how mesothelioma has impacted your life. Who in your life had/has mesothelioma?
  • How did this diagnosis affect you and your loved ones?
  • Include research about mesothelioma cancer: What causes mesothelioma?
  • How does it affect the body? Which groups of people are usually affected?

Your essay must be between 1000 and 2000 words.

Be sure to include a works cited page for any outside information used in your essay.

Essay Scoring

Your essay will be judged using 3 categories:

Quality of Research

Your essay will be judged on the quality of your research. Incorporate important and accurate facts about mesothelioma in your essay. Only include information from credible sources.

Writing Skill

Don't forget to proofread before submitting your essay. Writing skill, including grammar and spelling, will affect your score. Your essay may not be perfect, but it should be easy to understand without many writing mistakes.

Emotional Impact

Part of your score will come from how much of an emotional impact your essay conveys. Be honest and sincere in your writing so that we can connect with your story.

Essays will be checked for signs of plagiarism. Be careful to cite all of your sources. Submitted essays must be your own work that has not been submitted anywhere else before. Using .gov (government), .edu (educational), or .org (non-profit) websites can provide reliable information. You may also find some valuable info on Mesothelioma Guide's Facts and Statistics Page.

Meet The Winners of Fall 2017

Matthew | 1st Place

Matthew is currently a junior at Auburn University. He wrote this essay as a tribute to his aunt and as a message to encourage those who are suffering through the same ordeal that has taken such a serious toll on his family. He plans to attend medical school and specialize in surgical oncology.

Read His Essay

Melanie | 2nd Place

Melanie is a third year student studying Biology. She has always had an intense love and fascination with everything creepy crawly and otherwise, which inspired her interest in biology. Her Papa played a large part in inspiring that part of herself to grow. She hopes her essay will spread knowledge about mesothelioma.

Read Her Essay

Winning Scholarships

The winning essays will be featured on our site.

Spring semester winners will be announced January 1st, 2018

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In order to receive a prize:

Finalists must provide proof of full-time enrollment at a 2 or 4 year accredited college or university. Scholarship money will be sent directly to each winner's school to be put toward classes or other education costs. Each winner must provide a picture of themselves and a short biography for us to put on the website.

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