Dr. Bueno has been serving patients of Brigham and Women’s Hospital for nearly 20 years. He helped develop a revolutionary technique used to diagnose mesothelioma.

About Dr. Bueno

Dr. Raphael Bueno is the Chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. He is one of the top specialists in the field today and leads one of the most prominent mesothelioma programs in the world.

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    Medical Degree and Residency

    Harvard Medical School 1985
    General Surgery Residency, Brigham and Women’s Hospital 1993
    Thoracic Surgery Residency Massachusetts General Hospital 1995

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    Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School 2000 – 2010; Professor of Surgery 2011 – Present, Harvard Medical School

With a total of nearly 30 years experience, 20 of which has been in treating mesothelioma, Dr. Raphael Bueno is one of the most respected mesothelioma specialists in the country. Dr. Bueno has served for years as associate director of thoracic surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which is often considered the premier mesothelioma cancer center.

He is now leading BWH, a program set up by Dr. David Sugarbaker, and he is sure to bring his unique experience treating pleural mesothelioma to the table.

Dr. Bueno’s Accomplishments

  • Head of one of the world’s leading mesothelioma programs
  • Leader in the development of new treatments
  • Developed a gene-ratio technique to help diagnose mesothelioma
  • Worked alongside the best doctors in the field

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Dr. Bueno plays a critical role in the surgical treatment of mesothelioma and sees many patients each year. In addition to surgery, he puts his effort toward developing new treatments to extend the lives of patients.

Why Choose Dr. Bueno?
  • Highly experienced, treating many patients each year
  • Access to encouraging clinical trials
  • One of the country’s preeminent specialists

Dr. Bueno’s Specialties and Clinical Work

Dr. Bueno specializes in treating pleural mesothelioma and has interests in novel treatment approaches to mesothelioma as well as tackling the disease surgically. He has contributed immensely to the field of diagnosing and treating mesothelioma through his research and is constantly involved in clinical trials.

Distinguishing Mesothelioma from Adenocarcinoma

One of the oldest problems associated with treating mesothelioma is getting an accurate, early diagnosis. The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. Misdiagnosing the disease can lead to serious problems.

Dr. Bueno recognized the need to distinguish mesothelioma from adenocarcinoma, a type of lung cancer that has many of the same symptoms as mesothelioma. Approximately 40% of lung cancers are adenocarcinomas, so it is not surprising that doctors often suspect the more common disease rather than mesothelioma.

The “gene-ratio technique” developed by Dr. Bueno is among one of the most valuable contributions to mesothelioma diagnosis and treatment because it helps tell the difference between these diseases. This evaluates genetic material that is specific to mesothelioma.

Consequently, this helps prevent misdiagnoses and achieve accurate diagnoses faster. The gene-ratio test also distinguishes between epithelioid and sarcomatoid type mesothelioma.

Prognostic Benefits of the Gene-Ratio Technique

Additionally, the gene-ratio test is useful in determining more accurate prognoses for patients. According to Dr. Bueno, the primary benefit of the gene-ratio technique for patients is that it’s a “definitive and discriminate test for prognosis.”

With an accurate picture of a patient’s prognosis, the most effective treatment approach can be chosen with greater confidence. This is especially helpful in determining which patients are good candidates for surgery, preventing the occurrences of unnecessary surgical procedures that serve only to reduce quality of life.

If you are ready to take control of your prognosis with the help of one of the most respected mesothelioma specialists in the country, get connected with Dr. Bueno using our free Doctor Match program.