A medical oncologist and senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Hassan has long been a leader in mesothelioma treatment research.

About Dr. Hassan

Dr. Raffit Hassan is a leading researcher at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Over the course of his oncology career, Dr. Hassan has contributed to multiple studies focused on mesothelioma treatment by various means. In particular, he has a keen interest in developing immunotherapy for patients with the solid tumors found in malignant mesothelioma.

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    Medical Degree and Residency

    MD University of Kashmir, India, 1988.
    Dr. Hassan completed his residency at Sisters Hospital, University of Buffalo.

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    Professional Title

    Head, Thoracic & Solid Tumor Immunotherapy Section of the National Cancer Institute

Dr. Hassan first encountered mesothelioma research during his medical oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute. The rarity of the disease caught his interest, as he recognized the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of those affected.

Working at the NCI provides an advantage for Dr. Hassan’s mesothelioma-specific research because of the amount of funding the center receives. His extensive study in the realm of immunotherapy lends a unique perspective to his treatment plans. Dr. Hassan is focused on treatments that activate the patient’s own immune system to help prevent metastasis, prolonging survival.

Dr. Hassan frequently serves as the principal investigator of clinical trials involving these modes of treatment. If you are interested in getting involved in immunotherapy treatments, get connected to clinical trials at the NCI now.

Dr. Hassan’s Accomplishments

  • Fellowship, medical oncology at the National Cancer Institute
  • Recipient, Pioneer Award from the Mesothelioma Foundation
  • Recipient, American Society of Clinical Oncology Career Development Award
  • Recipient, the NIH Patient Oriented Research Career Development Award

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As a leading oncologist with an emphasis on treating and researching tumors, Dr. Hassan is an outstanding mesothelioma doctor. Dr. Hassan’s patients have shown longer survival rates after clinical trials. Our free Doctor Match program can connect you with Dr. Hassan or other doctors whose experience matches your prognosis.

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  • Years of experience in mesothelioma means more specialized and effective treatment
  • Up to 25% of clinical trial patients have shown stable disease after treatment under Dr. Hassan
  • Extensive research in mesothelioma tumor treatment and immunotherapy

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Dr. Hassan's Research

As senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Hassan has taken the opportunity to focus specifically on mesothelioma treatment. Dr. Hassan has been a key player in many clinical trials studying treatment for this deadly disease.

Bacterial Strain CRS-207 to Treat Mesothelioma

Dr. Hassan would like to utilize immunotherapy for malignant mesothelioma treatment. A nationwide study underway seeks to determine the efficacy of a genetically modified strain of a bacteria known as Listeria as a conduit for immunotherapy. The modified version of the bacteria, called CRS-207, reduces the bacteria’s harmful effects while encouraging helpful immune system responses in the patient.

CRS-207 engages the body’s own immune system and turns it toward cancerous cells to fight off the disease, which is the main function of immunotherapy treatments.

Mesothelin-Targeting Immunotherapy

Mesothelin is a protein found in mesothelioma and other types of cancer cells. Dr. Hassan has done a significant amount of research on an experimental drug called SS1P, which targets and attacks mesothelin while leaving healthy cells unaffected. SS1P is used in clinical trials as a supplement to standard chemotherapy treatment.

Dr. Hassan’s early work at the NCI confirmed that mesothelin was a suitable target for cancer treatment. His current clinical trials focus on increasing the efficacy of chemotherapy by incorporating SS1P into the treatment.

Dr. Hassan is consistently involved in clinical trials that focus on finding a cure for mesothelioma. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, get connected to Dr. Hassan using our free Doctor Match program.