Note: This blog was originally published January 4, 2023 but was updated February 7, 2023, with an updated list of the VA medical centers with mesothelioma specialists on staff to treat veterans with mesothelioma.

If you’re a veteran with mesothelioma, you account for more than one-third (33%) of all patients.

Many of you don’t know your options or have been misinformed about your VA benefits. Let’s set the record straight.

As a retired Navy submariner of 24 years, I completely understand why many veterans want to steer clear of the VA’s screwed-up system. But I want to make sure these vets aren’t missing out on available benefits owed to them because of an unwillingness to face this frustrating obstacle course.

With the right help, it’s much easier to qualify and receive benefits than you realize. I’m here to dispel some common misconceptions about the VA and benefit eligibility for veterans with mesothelioma.

Here are three facts you need to know about mesothelioma VA claims, disability compensation and benefits.


FACT #1: Most Veterans with Mesothelioma are Eligible for VA Disability Compensation (VADC)

If you are a veteran with mesothelioma, disability compensation is arguably the greatest VA benefit available to you.

This tax-free compensation amount starts at $3,621 per month for single veterans and $3,823 per month for married veterans.

The VA openly acknowledges that asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma. However, they require a detailed asbestos exposure summary with each claim. I have helped thousands of veterans prove their exposure for free. I can streamline the claims process, so you get what you deserve quickly and easily. Get access to the benefits you’ve earned for your service.


FACT #2: There Are Three VA Hospitals With Mesothelioma Programs

Many veterans are shocked to learn the VA works with some of the best mesothelioma specialists and surgeons in the country. These doctors offer treatment through the VA that is on par with treatment from many private hospitals with mesothelioma programs.

The VA hospitals with mesothelioma specialists are:

Veterans who are already in the VA Health Care system can travel to either of these hospitals and receive treatment at no additional cost to what they would pay (if anything) at their local VA hospital.  And you don’t need a referral from your local VA doctor.  But you will have to pay for your own travel expenses.

However, if you are able to get your local VA doctor to give you a referral to either of these hospitals, then the VA will also have to reimburse you for your travel.


FACT #3: Asbestos Exposure Doesn’t Have to Be Service-Related

Too many vets write off the possibility of VA benefits because they are concerned their diagnosis isn’t service-related. Many vets’ exposure is likely to be occupational.

Those with mesothelioma should be aware that even if their disease isn’t service-related, they may still be eligible for VA benefits. They are usually entitled to benefits such as VA Pension for mesothelioma and treatment through the VA Healthcare System (with specialists mentioned above).

If you are a veteran with mesothelioma, you are likely eligible to receive compensation in the form of VADC or pension. I’m happy to help you find out what benefits you’re eligible for.


Take Action – Get the Benefits You’ve Earned

Veterans make up the largest group of people diagnosed with mesothelioma because of how much the U.S. military used asbestos. As a fellow vet who served your country, you are entitled to these benefits. They are your right.

Here’s the most important stuff to remember as a veteran with mesothelioma:

  • Most veterans with mesothelioma are entitled to disability compensation
  • As a veteran, you are entitled to be treated by specialists
  • There are benefits for veterans regardless of exposure history
  • Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma are entitled to disability compensation, pension and/or medical benefits through the VA. Surviving spouses and dependents may also qualify for compensation from the VA.

The fact is, you served and did your part. I’ll help you get what’s rightfully yours.

Call me right now, toll free: 1- 844-VET-MESO (844-838-6376). Ask for Commander Jewett

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LCDR Carl Jewett is a retired Naval Officer who serves as the Veterans Department Director and Patient Services Director at Mesothelioma Guide. He is a VA-Accredited Claims Agent with more than 14 years of experience filing asbestos-related VA claims. He has helped over 1400 veterans who have been diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses get approved for VA Disability Compensation, VA Pension, and/or Aid & Attendance benefits. Because veteran’s are also entitled to compensation through the legal system, Carl has communicated with many mesothelioma law firms across the country. He has gained extensive knowledge of asbestos trust funds, mesothelioma lawsuits, settlements, and the claims process. He provides both veterans and civilians with information regarding their legal options.