April 19, 2013 – Orlando, FL – MesotheliomaGuide.com is a new website developed for patients with mesothelioma and their families. The founders of MesotheliomaGuide have over 10 years experience in helping patients receiving quality care and treatment for mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

In addition to making information more readily available and less overwhelming, MesotheliomaGuide is also offering patients unprecedented access to patient advocates who can help connect them with doctors and cancer centers. MesotheliomaGuide spokesman Chris Carberg says the top goal of the site is to improve patient relationships that lead to better treatment options.

“Patients are overwhelmed by the amount of mesothelioma information on the web. They don’t need to read an encyclopedia about their diagnosis,” Carberg said. “They need a trusted friend to guide them through their battle with mesothelioma, hopefully leading them to recovery.”

Still, MesotheliomaGuide offers a variety of information about mesothelioma. MesotheliomaGuide outlines the different types, stages, treatments, and options for patients. Instead of outdated medical images, patients see their diagnosis in modern renderings that help them to better understand their diagnosis.

MesotheliomaGuide also offers free resources for patients and their families.

  • The Mesothelioma Guide – Over 200 pages of information about every facet of the disease. Everything a patient could ever want to know about mesothelioma.
  • Free Books – A number of free books are available for patients to read about the mesothelioma, survivors and caregiving.
  • Wristbands – Patients and their families can support the research for a mesothelioma cure with stylish wristbands.
  • Doctor Match – MesotheliomaGuide’s team has already contacted top doctors and specialists and can pair patients with the perfect health care options.

“We didn’t create MesotheliomaGuide to be just another mesothelioma website”, Carberg said. “This is the first of its kind, created with patients and their families in mind. Everything we do is for them.”

In addition to the free tools on the website, patients can also speak with a live Patient Advocate on-demand through a live chat feature. MesotheliomaGuide team members are available 24/7, and sometimes speaking with someone live is what patients need most.

MesotheliomaGuide also has a customer service tools on Facebook, where patients can share their stories and connect with others like them. Live Chat is available on MesotheliomaGuide’s Facebook page as well.

“We believe a cure for mesothelioma is in the future, and as long as there’s hope, we’ll be there”, Carberg said. “We stand with the innocent victims of asbestos, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring justice to patients and their families.”


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