There are plenty of mesothelioma websites with expansive information, so why another one?  MesotheliomaGuide breaks the mold of the typical mesothelioma website.  The typical mesothelioma sites are cumbersome, impersonal and exhausting.

Making Life Easier for Mesothelioma Patients

Our philosophy is one of compassion and simplicity.  We designed our website with victims and family members in mind.  We made a special effort to make the site user-friendly and make resources easily available.

Our site is concise and easy to navigate for that purpose.  We guide the user, page by page, through information relevant to their needs.  Because the website is simple to use, users can learn about this disease, or find help quickly and easily.  MesotheliomaGuide is also full of unique, original content, which is just one more thing that sets us apart.

Each user is trying to find information, so we designed the site to make that process easier. We hope this alleviates some of the stress associated with sifting through the madness of mesothelioma information.  It’s an emotional topic and deserves care.

Doctor Match – Connecting Patients & Specialists

The Doctor Match program at MesotheliomaGuide is a perfect example of how we make the process easier on patients and family members. When a patient uses Doctor Match, we connect them with a doctor that specializes in their specific mesothelioma diagnosis. We take the guesswork out of finding the right mesothelioma doctor. It’s a free service for all mesothelioma patients. Finding a specialist is key in the battle against mesothelioma.  It can also be a confusing task because there are less than 100 mesothelioma specialists in the U.S.

Our Doctor Match program solves this issue.  We know where the best cancer centers are located, and have developed relationships with specialists, so patients can find the doctor appropriate for their diagnosis.

The Doctor Match program is built around communication.  We’re constantly speaking with doctors and patients, which helps us understand the needs of each patient or specialist.  Instead of providing a list of doctors and their specialties, we can contact the perfect specialist based on your diagnosis and basic information.

Patients will get treatment much faster this way, and reduce the occurrence of misdiagnoses, which happen far too often with mesothelioma patients. In the hope of catching symptoms early, we connect patients to doctors in the quickest way possible.  Victims of asbestos exposure should not have to stress over hundreds of yellow pages and networks of doctors who may not even be specialists.

Financial Resources

Aside from helping patients seek treatment, we offer a concise resources page, so users know their available options.  Tackling cancer changes a patient’s lifestyle, and finances are not exempt from this change.  Some patients may be unsure about how they’ll afford expensive treatment. MesotheliomaGuide offers a wide array of options, from legal compensation to veteran’s claims and support groups.

All in all, MesotheliomaGuide is here to help patients find solutions quickly and efficiently.  Being diagnosed with mesothelioma is an overwhelming experience, and patients should not be encumbered with extra stress while adapting to an undeniable lifestyle change.

We look forward to doing our part to add new names to the mesothelioma survivor list.

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