Chemotherapy can take a huge toll on a mesothelioma patient’s body. An organization called Thumbs Up, Cancer Down has created a Power Up Pack that is specifically designed to help cancer patients that may be experiencing long hours of this type of treatment.

“Patients undergoing chemotherapy spend long hours treatment centers. These items were designed to provide comfort to during treatment,” states the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down website.

The Power of A Thumbs Up

“What started with a single photo quickly transformed into a campaign to support everyone around the world battling cancer,” claims Thumbs Up, Cancer Down.

Through the power of human connection and support, three men wanted to encourage and inspire others that are battling cancer.

Kevin Charette, David Marcus, and Naythan Bryant realized the power of a thumbs up when Kevin posted a photo of them on Facebook. In return, he kindly asked others to share their thumbs up photos as well.

Before Kevin knew it, what started as one thumbs up photo turned into many that were being shared across social media. That was when Kevin and his friend Cody Brutlag put their heads together and knew that they wanted to help support the cancer community.

“What if we start collecting thumbs up photos from people around the world and create a campaign called ‘Thumbs Up, Cancer Down’?” said co-founder Cody.

And just like that Thumbs Up, Cancer Down was born.

The organization encourages you to submit a photo of yourself giving a thumbs up. On their website, it displays all of the submissions that they receive in an easily accessible photo gallery. This gallery is intended to show support to the cancer community and to put a smile on a cancer patient’s face.

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down’s Mission

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down logoThe founders of Thumbs Up, Cancer Down realized that their picture campaign was a success when they launched their official website, but they wanted to do more.

Then it hit them.

“Why don’t we ask cancer patients what they need?” states their website.

After gathering feedback from patients, they developed something called Power Up Packs.

“Our mission is simple: help those battling cancer.” – Thumbs Up, Cancer Down

What is in a Power Up Pack?

A Power Up Pack is a care package that consists of items that are meant to help patients that are undergoing treatment. When it came to creating these packages, the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down organization worked directly with cancer patients to get their input.

By listening to cancer warriors, the organization got a better understanding of what they needed. Based on a patient’s personal experiences, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down carefully selected the best items for their Power Up Packs.

Contents of a Power Up Pack:

  • Tote bag
  • Blanket
  • Beanie
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Backup battery phone charger
  • Journal
  • Thumbs up pen
“We like to think of them as packaged comfort,” says Thumbs Up, Cancer Down.

The Mission of a Power Up Pack

Power Up Packs are available for purchase directly through the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down website. They are $60.

This care package would be a great idea for a mesothelioma patient that is experiencing chemotherapy treatment. Even if you don’t know a cancer patient, you can purchase a Power Up Pack to support a patient in need.

When a pack is purchased, Thumbs Up, Cancer Down donates one to a cancer patient. This act is carried out through the organization’s Buy One/Give One Program.

Image of a cancer patient with a thumbs up, cancer down power up packThe organization works directly with medical facilities to determine which cancer patients will receive a pack. Currently, they’ve distributed over 500 packs to patients for free.

If you support this cause, you can also make a generous donation to Thumbs Up, Cancer Down. Your contribution will help continue the legacy of Power Up Packs. All donations made are tax-deductible.

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