The newest treatment for mesothelioma has a brand new name — emphasis on the word “brand”.

Novocure, the manufacturer of the NovoTTF-100L System, announced that the tumor treating fields device would be called Optune Lua. This is the official brand name for the NovoTTF-100L, which the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for pleural mesothelioma nearly a year ago.

Novocure’s chief commercial officer, Pritesh Shah, said the brand name “suggests the prospect of hope and optimized care.”

“Optune Lua is easy to pronounce and remember,” he added in the company’s statement, “and should help patients, caregivers and providers ask for the treatment by name.”

News of NovoTTF-100L’s rebranding to Optune Lua is a change-of-pace news story for mesothelioma patients. As most people with mesothelioma focus on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Novocure’s press release is a reminder that mesothelioma patients have more treatment options than ever before and are surviving at promising rates.


How Does the NovoTTF-100L Work?

The NovoTTF-100L is a tumor treating fields device, which means it sends electrical currents into the patient’s body. These charges can kill mesothelioma tumors and prevent the spreading of this aggressive cancer.

Patients usually wear the device for at least 18 hours a day. The treatment is non-invasive, and the electrical charges are barely felt. The device even works while patients sleep.

Dr. Uri Weinberg oversees the development and research activities at Novocure. He discussed the device’s functions on a recent Mesothelioma Guide podcast.


The FDA’s approval is explicitly for patients who are not eligible for surgery. The NovoTTF-100L can only be used along with mesothelioma chemotherapy (pemetrexed and cisplatin).

The most recent study involving this mesothelioma treatment showed remarkable survival results and tumor regression. Of the 80 pleural mesothelioma patients studied, the median overall survival was 18 months. Around 62% of them lived for at least one year since starting the treatment.

The device “controlled” the disease of 97% of the patients. This means their disease either didn’t spread or shrunk in size.

If you’re a pleural mesothelioma patient, you should consider reaching out to one of the hospitals offering Optune Lua. Our patient advocate and registered nurse, Karen Ritter, can help you connect with any of these hospitals. Email her at

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