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Ask A Nurse - Karen Ritter

Karen Ritter, RN BSN

Karen has a simple goal as a nurse: to help people. Dealing with mesothelioma can be complicated, but Karen can help simplify it by answering questions and explaining your options. You are not alone. Karen has the knowledge and passion to assist you.

Karen Can Help You:

  • Find a doctor or cancer center
  • Understand treatments and side effects
  • Join a recruiting clinical trial
  • Get compensation for your family

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What mesothelioma questions can I ask Karen?

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Am I eligible for compensation?

What if I can't afford my treatment costs?

How will I pay to travel for treatment?



What does my diagnosis mean?

Are fluid cytologies and biopsies different?

How accurate is my diagnosis?

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

What treatment options are there?

Which treatments could work for me?

Should I participate in clinical trials?



Where can I find a specialist?

Who are the top mesothelioma doctors?

Are there cancer centers near me?

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