Mesothelioma Guide is dedicated to supporting mesothelioma patients and their families.

Our website is a vast resource for people looking to find treatment, financial assistance, diagnosis and prognosis statistics, and more information related to this disease.

In the 21st century, media continues to evolve. We at Mesothelioma Guide want to offer our audience more options to absorb all of the content available on our website.

Hence, we have created a podcast. Our interviews with specialists, surgeons, researchers, survivors and more will offer patients and caregivers an alternative method to learn about this rare cancer.

In the inaugural episode, content writer Devin Golden speaks with
peritoneal mesothelioma specialist Dr. Shanel Bhagwandin. He is the medical director for gastrointestinal surgical oncology at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida.

The interview is an informative conversation about peritoneal mesothelioma treatment, HIPEC, communicating with patients, the career path to becoming a mesothelioma specialist and more. We at Mesothelioma Guide thank Dr. Bhagwandin for joining us and speaking with us, and we hope all of our site visitors enjoy this podcast and those we publish in the future.

If you’re interested in treatment connections for your or someone else’s mesothelioma, contact our patient advocate and registered nurse, Karen Ritter, at She can help connect you with Dr. Bhagwandin or specialists who have a similar excellent reputation for treating this disease.

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About the Writer, Devin Golden

Devin Golden is a content writer for Mesothelioma Guide. He produces mesothelioma-related content on various mediums, including the Mesothelioma Guide website and social media channels. Devin's objective is to translate complex information regarding mesothelioma into informative, easily absorbable content to help patients and their loved ones.