Find a Mesothelioma Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Exposure to asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma. Asbestos was used as a key component in many products and buildings throughout various industries during the 20th century. Large American cities, like San Antonio, Texas, often have a dense asbestos presence, meaning unknown amounts of people were most likely exposed to the cancer-causing mineral and could still be at risk. If you live or ever worked in San Antonio, Texas, you should know how to locate an experienced mesothelioma lawyer in the event you are diagnosed with this devastating cancer.



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Top Mesothelioma Lawyers and Law Firms in San Antonio

San Antonio has many local mesothelioma law firms and attorneys willing to look at your case, However, local law firms and attorneys may not be the best option. Occasionally, local law firms and attorneys specializing in personal injury will take on asbestos claims – even if they do not have the experience necessary to be successful in these types of cases.

One website lists 29 lawyers and law firms local to San Antonio willing to work on asbestos and mesothelioma claims. However, you should prioritize a national firm, and they probably won’t be on website lists for lawyers in a specific city.

Importance of Finding a National Asbestos Law Firm Licensed in San Antonio

Searching for a nationwide mesothelioma law firm or lawyer should be your top priority, and there are a few reasons why. Typically, national lawyers and law firms are licensed to practice law in several states – especially large states and states heavily involved in asbestos litigation – which means national lawyers are typically authorized to accept cases in San Antonio.

Mesothelioma and asbestos cases can be very complex, as they often involve multiple locations spanning several states, or jurisdictions, which also means laws and statutes of limitations vary from state to state. A national mesothelioma lawyer will know exactly how to navigate the complexities involved in such cases.

National mesothelioma lawyers and law firms are the best choice when looking for representation in your asbestos claim due to their extensive experience in this sector of law. Hiring a national law firm is the first step towards success in filing a mesothelioma claim. National law firms are usually licensed in several states, which increase your chances of receiving fair mesothelioma compensation.

Most Mesothelioma Claims Involve Multiple Locations

It is not unusual for a mesothelioma case to span across multiple cities, or even states. Asbestos and mesothelioma claims are directed at any company that may be responsible for the recklessness that led to a victim’s exposure to asbestos. These types of claims often involve more than one company and multiple locations, as the at-fault companies likely participated in various stages of the asbestos manufacturing and distribution process.

The different locations involved in asbestos claims are the locations of the job site where the victim was exposed to asbestos, manufacturers factory, distribution warehouse and company headquarters. All of these locations are where legal claims must be filed – and yes, you can file mesothelioma claims in multiple locations against multiple companies. Once your national mesothelioma lawyer determines your asbestos exposure history, they will take care of all the legal paperwork.

Due to the complexity of mesothelioma claims, finding an experienced national law firm or lawyer to navigate your asbestos claims will increase your chances at success. A national mesothelioma lawyer will determine where you need to file your claim – whether it be in San Antonio, other Texas jurisdictions, or across multiple states. A local San Antonio mesothelioma lawyer would be confined to Texas and require another attorney for each out-of-state location. A national law firm offers the convenience and efficiency of having one attorney for all of your claims.

More Experience With Asbestos Legal Claims

Another reason to seek out a national mesothelioma law firm is they have more experience with asbestos claims than local law firms. National mesothelioma law firms are accessible to all U.S. residents, and they only accept mesothelioma and asbestos claims. Most of their experience in the legal field is in this sector of the law.

Because mesothelioma is diagnosed less than 3,000 times each year, only a handful of San Antonians might be diagnosed and even less may reach out to a local attorney for guidance.

Local lawyers receiving a couple asbestos claims per year cannot compare their experience to national asbestos lawyers who work on these types of claims year-round.

National mesothelioma lawyers have built the knowledge and experience required for success in asbestos claims. Bullock Campbell Bullock & Harris, PC is a prime example of a highly qualified national asbestos law firm. BCBH Law, which is based in Texas, has a complete database of confirmed asbestos exposure sites all over the United States. The attorneys for BCBH Law have mastered the strategies to determine a victim’s complete asbestos exposure history.

When searching for a lawyer to represent you in yoru asbestos claim, a national law firm – like BCBH Law – has experience with more cases, access to more resources and is often more knowledgeable than lawyers confined to their local area and accepting very few cases per year.

Travel and Payment Not a Concern for the Victim

Another reason for choosing a national law firm to represent you in your asbestos claim is that there are no fees or unnecessary travel associated with national mesothelioma lawyers.

Mesothelioma lawyers understand the burden of a mesothelioma diagnosis includes difficulties navigating everyday life, medical expenses, travel expenses and life expenses. As a mesothelioma patient, you do not have time to waste traveling to meet with attorneys. National mesothelioma attorneys will focus on all the tedious paperwork and research, while you focus on resting and receiving the best treatment possible.

National law firms, like BCBH Law, work on a contingency basis, meaning you, the victim, are not required to pay any costs or fees in order to acquire legal representation. Your lawyer will be compensated solely if you win your case.

If the court rules in your favor, then you, your family and your team of mesothelioma lawyers will split the awarded compensation. Your legal team will be compensated with a portion of the award. You will not have to pay anything out of pocket to receive the best legal counsel.

Just as payment is not required, neither is travel. National mesothelioma lawyers are highly knowledgeable on mesothelioma and the legal issues surrounding the topic, including exposure sites, locations of company headquarters, laws and statues in each state and more. A national mesothelioma lawyer has the skills to work out every detail of your case, from initiating the lawsuit, notifying defendants, traveling to your meetings in Dallas-Fort Worth and everything in between.

The most significant benefits of hiring a national mesothelioma law firm are no upfront fees and no unnecessary travel. You will never be expected to pay an unreasonable amount for counsel or fly across the country to sign paperwork. As a mesothelioma patient, your priorities do not involve worrying about your mesothelioma lawsuit. Hire the best lawyers and leave the legal issues up to them.

Your priorities should be resting, receiving treatment, and enjoying time with loved ones. Focusing on your mesothelioma lawsuit takes precious time away from those priorities. National asbestos lawyers understand the severity of mesothelioma and the toll it can take on the victim and their family.

How to File a Mesothelioma Claim in San Antonio, Texas

The first step to filing a mesothelioma claim in San Antonio, Texas, is finding an experienced lawyer to accept the case. Finding a qualified attorney that can take over your case will alleviate some of the burden brought by mesothelioma diagnosis. Your attorney will complete the required paperwork, communicate with the many lawyers for the defendant companies, and move your claim through the process efficiently and effectively.

The next step of a mesothelioma claim in San Antonio is filing the case at the local courthouse. San Antonio County Civil Court is located in the center of downtown San Antonio.

The complete steps for mesothelioma claims are:


Find a mesothelioma lawyer


Meet with your legal team


Go through your history of exposure to asbestos


File your mesothelioma claim


Go through a full review of your work history, exposures, and evidence of malpractice from at-fault companies


Provide a deposition


Discuss a potential settlement


Take the case to trial, hopefully for a favorable verdict

Many cases don’t make it to trial due to defending companies often opting for the mesothelioma settlement route. At-fault companies do not usually want to take the risks that come with a trial, which can sometimes be becoming the center of bad press and being ordered to pay hefty verdict amounts. They usually prefer to reach a settlement in private, which speeds up the award distribution.

Asbestos Exposure in San Antonio, Texas

Asbestos exposure in San Antonio, Texas was not a rare occurrence in the 20th century. Nearly every industry in the country used the cancer-causing mineral as a key ingredient for many products and materials, leading to reckless exposure to asbestos for employees, consumers and bystanders.