Carl Jewett is a retired naval officer (LCDR) and the patient advocacy director for Mesothelioma Guide. He also serves as the executive director of the Veterans Assistance Network and is fully accredited by the VA. After serving in the Navy’s submarine force for just under 24 years, Commander Jewett retired from active duty in the Navy and assumed the executive director position at the Veterans Assistance Network. Since that time, he has helped over 1000 veterans with asbestos illnesses get approved for VA Disability Compensation and Pension. He has been married for over 30 years and has three adult children.

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    About the Writer, Chris Carberg

    Chris Carberg is the Director of Communications and Community Outreach for Mesothelioma Guide. His work ranges for managing all content on to being the voice of Mesothelioma Guide on various social media channels. Additionally, Chris works closely with mesothelioma survivors, current patients, and their loved ones as they navigate the waters of this rare disease.