Stage 2 Mesothelioma

Stage 2 mesothelioma involves the lining of one lung and part of the diaphragm. Curative surgery is used depending on the patient’s overall health.

The Beginning of Metastasis

Stage 2 mesothelioma is still localized to the area in which it originated from. Although it hasn’t spread to other organs, there has been minor metastasis to the lymph nodes. Patients at this stage are still candidates for aggressive treatment options that can improve their life expectancy.

Stage 2 Treatment Options

Extrapleural Pneumonectomy

An extrapleural pneumonectomy is the complete removal of the affected lung, pleura and part of the diaphragm. It is commonly used on stage 2 pleural mesothelioma patients.

Pleurectomy with Decortication

A pleurectomy is the removal of the pleura. The pleura is the first place that mesothelioma tumors begin to grow in pleural mesothelioma patients.


A cytoreduction is the removal of the peritoneum, which is the lining of the abdomen. Patients with stage 2 peritoneal mesothelioma are common candidates for cytoreduction surgery.

At this point, curative surgery can be used depending on the strength of the patient. Although stage 2 mesothelioma is the beginning of metastasis, there is still a lot of hope for treatment.