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Dr. Daniel Sterman Talks Phase 3 Mesothelioma Study on Podcast

Mesothelioma Guide’s newest podcast features the lead investigator into a promising Phase 3 mesothelioma clinical trial.

Dr. Daniel Sterman is the director of the Multidisciplinary Pulmonary Oncology Program at New York University Langone Health. He also is looking for participants in a progressed study that combines gene therapy and immunotherapy for pleural mesothelioma.

Sterman said this trial is an ongoing effort to “look at ways to stimulate the body’s own immune system” to fight mesothelioma.

“There are relatively few Phase 3 trials in mesothelioma,” Sterman said.

Mesothelioma Guide has published numerous articles about the clinical trial. On the podcast, Sterman gave a detailed summary of what the study hopes to accomplish.

Half of the 300 enrollees will receive the experimental treatment: an adenovirus-delivered Interferon Alpha-2B along with chemotherapy (Gemcitabine) and an arthritis pain medication (Celecoxib). The other half will receive just the chemotherapy drug and pain medicine.

“Many immunotherapies are drugs administered intravenously into the body,” Sterman said. “… There is a blockade in the tumor, and these drugs try to unleash that blockade.”

However, these immunotherapy drugs can go throughout the body. Therefore, they can be quite toxic to the patient.

Sterman’s trial, he explained, involves a virus transporting a gene into the location of the mesothelioma. Once the gene reaches the site, the tumors produce interferon-alpha. The production of this causes an immune system reaction.

“We are injecting a cold virus into the chest cavity of patients with mesothelioma,” Sterman said. This cold virus has been modified so that it can’t replicate itself. It also can’t cause the common cold.”

You may be eligible to participate in this clinical trial — or another study. Our patient advocate and registered nurse, Jenna Campagna, can help. Email her at to learn the qualifications for this research.