A South Carolina Court of Appeals backed a deceased plant worker’s mesothelioma compensation of nearly $3 million.

The case, which ended with a $2.87 million verdict in 2017, involved a Duke Energy worker exposed to asbestos from gaskets and valves. He was tasked with removing and replacing gaskets and valves made by Fisher Controls International and Crosby Valve LLC. Those two companies were the defendants in the mesothelioma lawsuit. A jury in Spartanburg County (South Carolina) ruled in favor of the victim.

The victim worked for Duke Energy during the 1980s. He died of mesothelioma in 2018, a year after the verdict. When mesothelioma cases go to trial and reach a verdict, they often have multiple rounds of appeals. Many times these steps are fruitless for the at‑fault companies, but they’re delays in payment to the victim.

Finding an experienced mesothelioma attorney will expedite the process. Some cases are best to end in mesothelioma lawsuit settlements, while others deserve a trial due to inadequate settlement offers.

Plant workers were regularly exposed to asbestos during the 20th century. Gaskets and valves, among other machine parts, were loaded with asbestos.

If you worked in a plant and developed mesothelioma years later, contact our patient advocates. Carl Jewett is a retired Navy officer. He can help you find a top mesothelioma law firm to receive compensation. Email him at cjewett@mesotheliomaguide.com.

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