The top priority for United States residents is staying safe from the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, people with mesothelioma have legal concerns they shouldn’t ignore.

If you’re a mesothelioma patient and haven’t taken legal action, the clock is ticking on your right to do so. There’s no knowing when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Waiting to start your mesothelioma claim could prevent you from receiving helpful compensation.

We at Mesothelioma Guide understand that you’re likely staying away from other people — as you should be. You and others with this cancer are especially at risk of a severe case of coronavirus.

Just because you’re in isolation, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply with the asbestos trust funds or take another legal action. The internet offers you the opportunity to begin a claim while in quarantine.

Our team is available to speak with you about your legal options. Our patient advocates — Karen Ritter and Carl Jewett — can help you find a top mesothelioma lawyer who will respect your wishes to remain isolated. Email either of them at or if you need any assistance.


Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Contact a Mesothelioma Lawyer

Mesothelioma claims have a statute of limitations, which refers to the time limit allotted to start a legal action. The statute of limitations for a mesothelioma claim depends on the state in which you’re filing the claim. Each state is different, and the time you have depends on the type of claim you’re submitting (personal injury or wrongful death).

Filing a mesothelioma claim sooner rather than later also helps you financially. You’ll receive compensation quicker than if you wait, and getting this assistance could lead to accessing high-quality treatment and long-term financial security.

If you wait to contact one of the lawyers for mesothelioma, you may miss your time window to take legal action for your diagnosis. Immediately doing so will help you secure a filing date.


How to Continue Your Mesothelioma Claim During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The issue is the coronavirus pandemic. Many people with mesothelioma are (understandably) wary of infection. So they’re less likely to reach out to a law firm and schedule a meeting to begin their claim.

Fortunately, the top mesothelioma law firms are adjusting to everyone’s temporary reclusive lifestyle. If you need help finding a mesothelioma lawyer, look for one that is utilizing virtual methods to prioritize your health and your legal rights concurrently.

Below are three legal options that the top mesothelioma lawyers offer you and all other patients. These resources will keep you safe from coronavirus infection and move your claim through the mesothelioma case process.

four legal tips for mesothelioma patients during coronavirus pandemic

Virtual Face-to-Face Meetings With Mesothelioma Lawyers

The top mesothelioma lawyers are versatile. They usually meet in-person, but they’ve adjusted to meet the wishes of their potential clients. That’s where virtual meetings help.

One method is discussing your claim through a phone call. However, many people with mesothelioma want a face-to-face meeting with the lawyer before choosing one for their claim. Meeting over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or another video conference call application allows for that face-to-face meeting to occur — without the risk of coronavirus infection.

If you’ve yet to start your claim, contact a national, experienced firm and ask if they can meet with you virtually.


Electronically Sign Documents to Process Mesothelioma Claims

The internet, and inception of email communication, makes signing documents much simpler. With the coronavirus outbreak continuing, victims of mesothelioma should prefer a law firm that handles all paperwork digitally.

The savviest mesothelioma law firms use electronic signatures to process claims. With applications like DocuSign, you can write your signature on your computer, place it on the document and send it to your lawyer. The e-signature process is legally acceptable and will not cause you any issues during the mesothelioma case process.

Find a law firm that handles all paperwork and signing electronically. Your claim moves along while you stay far away from anyone with the coronavirus.

learn your asbestos exposure history

Learn Your Exposure History on Our Website

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused solely by exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, many people with mesothelioma don’t recall where or when they were exposed to this toxic substance.

We have created a virtual tool to help you learn your asbestos exposure history without having to meet in-person with a lawyer.

Our asbestos exposure sites database lets you search by city and state to see all the places where you could’ve been exposed. Connect this to your work history or residential history, and you may be able to answer some of your questions.

The top law firms will use this information effectively. They’ll know which companies are responsible for your cancer and which locations to start your claim. The best lawyers also may find a few additional exposure instances that you missed, but using our database gives you and your lawyer a good head start.

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