Support groups can provide both patients and family with a peace of mind. Learn the most frequently asked questions about mesothelioma support groups.

Support Groups

Q: Are there any groups to offer patients and family members peace of mind?

Hospitals like Brigham and Women’s have an orientation group and an ongoing support group. Many mesothelioma treatment centers have support options like this. Patients and their families should review the available resources on our Support Groups page.

Q: Are there any groups available by phone? Online?

There are several phone-based and online support groups. The Mesothelioma Foundation offers phone support and has a Facebook page for patients and families to share their experiences. Patients and their families can review our Support Groups page for the most up-to-date offerings.

Q: Are there any groups specifically for veterans?

Veterans Affairs (VA) offers support options or we can help veterans find a support group that fits their needs.

Q: Are there any support organizations that help find financial assistance?

We are able to help patients seek financial assistance through our Patient Support Options page. Patients interested should contact our patient advocates at 888-385-2024.

Q: Are there any free pamphlets or books available?

We offer a variety of free books for patients, caretakers, and family members with our powerful Mesothelioma Guide. This guide offers over 200 pages of valuable information about improving your prognosis and winning the battle over mesothelioma. All of it is yours, absolutely free.