The mesothelioma program at Abramson Cancer Center at Penn State pioneers new approaches to treatment and offers patient-centered support.

Benefits of Abramson Cancer Center

Founded in 1973, the Abramson Cancer Center is a leader in treatment for many forms of cancer. The mesothelioma program at this center is among the best in the nation, offering nearly every treatment option imaginable. The team of specialists includes doctors across multiple disciplines known for their research and success in treatment.

Why Abramson Cancer Center?

  • Multidisciplinary

    Multidisciplinary team

    Having a multidisciplinary team is essential to ensuring you get the most individualized treatment possible. Patients at Abramson have access to surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, psychologists and more.

  • Microscope


    Abramson has conducted groundbreaking clinical trials for mesothelioma. The research at this cancer center has led to the development of novel treatments like immunotherapy.

  • Microchip


    This cancer center is equipped to offer any kind of treatment needed for each individual case. There are a multitude of surgical procedures, radiation therapies and other treatments available for patients at Abramson.

Get Connected To Abramson Center

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The Abramson Cancer Center has a well-rounded, internationally recognized mesothelioma program. Over the years, research out of the mesothelioma program here has led the field in innovation.

Why Choose Abramson Cancer Center?
  • They’re pioneers in clinical trials
  • You’ll have access to a multitude of treatment options
  • They provide patient-focused care

Home of Internationally Renowned Specialists

One of the reasons patients choose Abramson as their cancer center is because it is the home of several internationally renowned mesothelioma specialists. Their large team includes oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals who are dedicated to treating lung diseases.

Patient Care at Abramson

The Abramson Cancer Center has one of the leading mesothelioma research programs in the country, but it is also one of the most notable programs for its patient care. Abramson’s doctors have a reputation for patient care, and the center is committed to making sure patients get support in all areas that affect them. Some of the notable services available to patients at this cancer center are:

  • Social workers
  • Stress management specialists
  • Clergy
  • Support groups
  • Survivorship programs

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Clinical Trials at Abramson

Abramson Cancer Center is a leader in clinical trials where new forms of treatment are tested. Abramson’s multidisciplinary focus translates to its clinical trials, where research ranges from surgical techniques to the efficiency of novel medicines.

Intraoperative Photodynamic Therapy

This Phase II trial is testing the feasibility of treating patients receiving a radical pleurectomy with intraoperative photodynamic therapy. Patients in this study are injected with a light-sensitive chemical that is absorbed by cancer cells prior to surgery. After the surgery is complete, infrared light is introduced to the chest cavity to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Study after study has shown that combining treatment methods for mesothelioma is often the most successful. Studies similar to this clinical trial have also shown success, so patients opting for surgical treatment may want to consider this option.

Frontline Treatment With CRS-207

This clinical trial was announced at the 2014 Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology after its success in Phase I trials. CRS-207 is a mesothelin-targeting immunotherapy drug developed from a genetically engineered bacteria called Listeria. Mesothelin is an overabundant protein present on mesothelioma cells, and this drug hones in on these proteins to destroy the cells.

Immunotherapy for Relapsed Mesothelioma

Patient relapse treatment is one of the biggest areas in need of development. Many patients, especially those undergoing surgical procedures, may eventually have no visible tumors. But it only takes a few months for those tumors to grow back.

This study sought to determine if a monoclonal antibody could prevent these tumors from growing back. Monoclonal antibodies are immunotherapy drugs that only target mesothelioma cells. No results have been posted on this study yet.

Is Abramson Right for You?

The East coast is a competitive part of the country for cancer centers, but Abramson doesn’t have any trouble standing out. There are many reasons patients choose Abramson Cancer Center, including:

  • Home to top mesothelioma specialists
  • Wide variety of treatment options
  • Access to new clinical trials

If this cancer center sounds like a good fit for your treatment needs, we can help get you connected. Contact one of our patient advocates at 1-888-385-2024 to get in touch with Abramson Cancer Center or get a complete list of cancer centers in our free Mesothelioma Guide.