Moffitt Cancer Center has one of the best mesothelioma programs in the country. The research program at Moffitt is a frontrunner in research for new treatments.

The Top Mesothelioma Program in the Southeast

Moffitt Cancer Center is the highest ranked cancer treatment facility in the Southeast. It is one of less than 50 centers across the country designated as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. H. Lee Moffitt, a former state representative and cancer survivor, fought for the construction of the treatment center.

Why Moffitt?

  • Innovative Care

    Individualized Treatment

    The mesothelioma specialists at Moffitt recognize that every patient is unique. Each treatment plan is geared specifically to each patient based on their diagnosis and individual needs.

  • Individualized Treatment

    Innovative Care

    Developing new ways to treat mesothelioma is at the heart of this cancer center’s goal to increase survival times. Patients are always informed of the clinical trials underway at Moffitt.

  • Empathetic Doctors

    Empathetic Doctors

    By providing compassionate care, doctors at this cancer center inspire hope in their patients. Doctors here understand that part of offering the best treatments also involves listening to the patient’s wants and needs.

Get Connected To Moffitt Cancer Center

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Moffitt Cancer Center is a major destination for mesothelioma patients across the southeast region of the United States. This cancer center is a leader in innovative treatments for mesothelioma and among the top ranked across the country.

Why Choose Moffitt?
  • Get treated by top specialists
  • Access to exciting new clinical trials
  • Increase survival with specialized treatment

Specialized Treatment at Moffitt

Moffitt places a high value on individualized treatment. All types of mesothelioma are treated using a multidisciplinary approach, and no two patients are treated the same. This helps ensure the maximum life expectancy for each individual. The components of each treatment plan are as follows:

  • surgery


    There are several surgeries for mesothelioma, but doctors only prescribe surgery based on the patient’s needs. There are two surgeries used for pleural mesothelioma patients: the extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) and the pleurectomy/decortication (P/D). There is some debate over which surgery is more effective, and many cancer centers favor one procedure over the other. At Moffitt, however, the treatment team doesn’t have any preconceived notions and only chooses a surgical approach on an individual basis.

  • radiation


    While radiation has a limited effect on survival times, it is still considered an important part of treatment. Used together with surgery and/or chemotherapy, radiation can boost the effects of those treatments. Radiation is also used to improve quality of life by shrinking painful tumors. Moffitt uses the most advanced radiation techniques, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). IMRT is notable for its ability to precisely target tumors, while leaving healthy tissue mostly unaffected.

  • chemotherapy


    Chemotherapy is considered the foundation of mesothelioma treatment for most patients. Moffitt uses standard chemotherapy treatments as well as more aggressive ones. Peritoneal mesothelioma patients are often given heated intraoperative peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). HIPEC has considerably boosted survival times, and as a result, those with peritoneal mesothelioma are living longer than ever.

  • clinical trials

    Clinical Trials

    As a leader in mesothelioma research, Moffitt offers every patient the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. While many patients enrolled in clinical trials have to travel for these novel treatments, those receiving care at Moffitt can enroll in several trials on the premises. Some of the groundbreaking treatments investigated there cover drugs that cut off the blood supply feeding nutrients to growing tumors and immunotherapy treatments, such as CRS-207.

Meet the Specialist

All the mesothelioma specialists at Moffitt work together to create each patient’s treatment plan. For each patient that walks through the door, a team of specialists meets to discuss the best approach for treatment.

  • Dr. Jacques-Pierre Fontaine – Dr. Fontaine was trained as a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is considered the premier treatment center in the country. He takes a minimally invasive approach to surgery.

Is Moffitt Cancer Center Right For You?

Moffitt Cancer Center has one of the highest ranked mesothelioma programs in the nation thanks to research and a specialized multidisciplinary team. Many patients choose to receive treatment here for several reasons, including:

  • Highly specialized treatment plans
  • Admission to clinical trials
  • Southeastern location

Patients at Moffitt Cancer Center can feel secure that they are getting the best possible treatment for their condition. Get connected to this cancer center today.